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Janitor Secretly Amasses $8 Million Fortune

The story of Ronald Read is one of discipline and divergent knowledge. While his primary professions involved woodcutting, janitorial, and cash register duties, his tangential understanding of business and finance, paired with the discipline to carry out a thoughtful, efficient plan, set him apart from his peers. The contents of this lecture may seem out-of-place in a game development course, but every topic is associated with resources of some kind, and it behooves you to understand how they can be managed for gain or mismanaged to one’s detriment.

Gamasutra : The Business of Making Games

Gamasutra is a hub of professional articles, job posts, and industry insight for a variety of game-dev related disciplines. It has a business / marketing section, allowing one to explore the business-side of making games.

Dolphin Emulator Switches from wxWidgets to Qt

This is something of an aside, but ecosystems matter a great deal not only for users and businesspeople, but for engineers and architects as well. As explained in this entertaining official blog post, production on Dolphin began to suffer as a consequence of wxWidgets being a critical part of the Dolphin tech ecosystem (or tech stack). De-emphasizing it in favor of Qt was a painful short-term cost for long term gain.