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Austin Yarger

Austin is an international educator and Lecturer of Game Development in the University of Michigan’s College of Engineering, co-founder of the International Game Developers Association (Ann Arbor Chapter), and President of Arbor Interactive, a local game and software development firm.

A long-time hobbyist game developer, Austin got his taste of professional game development in the summer of 2014 with an internship at Maxis (Electronic Arts) where he helped engineer 2015’s top selling computer game, The Sims 4. Austin has taught EECS 494 ( for 6+ semesters. His students have achieved positions at prestigious game developers such as Microsoft’s 343 Industries, Volition, Zynga, Google, Gaudium, NetEase, Jackbox Games, and Amazon Game Studios.

In addition to stops at EA Mobile and Facebook, Austin served as President of the Wolverine Soft game development organization from 2011 – 2014. He co-founded the Ann Arbor chapter of the International Game Developers Association (, curates the MichiGames Arcade Cabinet, mentors the Huron High School Game Development Team, consults with technology startups in downtown Ann Arbor, and organizes multi-university exhibitions with Eastern Michigan University and Lawrence Technological University. He acquired a Bachelors and Masters degree from the University of Michigan in 2015 and 2018, respectively. His research interests include non-gaming applications of game development tools, technologies, and techniques. Learn more at

Hanna Kawoosa

Hanna is studying Computer Engineering at the University of Michigan. Last summer she worked at Amazon as an SDE Intern on the Prime Video team – where she, of course, used some of her break time to play Super Smash Brothers Melee with her teammates. A lover of gaming, she joined the WolverineSoft game development club to learn how to make games herself. Throughout her time in the club, she participated in many WSoft activities – including numerous Game Jams – picking up experience in game development and Unity along the way. She is now the current President of WolverineSoft, working with the other WSoft Officers to better pass on the knowledge, fun, and love of games and game development to UMich students.


Michael Siciliano

Michael is a Computer Science major at the University of Michigan. Starting his game development journey making Jenga towers in Halo’s Forge system, he has more recently built games with Unity, Three.js, and Twitch. This past summer Michael worked at Jackbox Games, helping develop their newest pack of party games. When he’s not hard at work stacking pallets on top of each other, you can find him hanging out on a rock wall.

You can view Michael’s games on his portfolio:


Evan Brisita

Evan Brisita is a Senior CSE student, Wolverinesoft Instructional Officer, who appreciates the many aspects of game development (from code to art) and first learned programming to mod and then make games.

Seeking out game development experiences, Evan joined the WSoft game development club on and off while participating in several Game Jams until he committed, in Junior year, and became an officer. Additionally, he was an instructor for the MiBytes game development camp the summer of 2017 which introduced high school students to the accessibility of game development through Construct 2. Having helped students in their introduction to game development, Evan is currently working to improve retention and teaching strategies within WSoft.

Working with a talented team, Evan not only excelled in EECS 494, but also won the semester’s showcase with Cannon Thigh Studio’s first title “Scrappy Pappies”, where he not only programmed systems and UX but also created all of the game’s art. Seeking himself to gain a well rounded skill set, Evan hopes to help and learn from others as they pursue game development as a hobby or a career.


Shesanth Ramakrishnan

Shesanth is a senior studying Computer Science at the University of Michigan. Deeply involved with the game development community on campus, Shesanth joined and became an officer of the Wolverine Soft game development club his sophomore year. While in the club, he has participated in many game jams — gaining Unity experience — as well as delivered many presentations and tutorials on game design and development.

Last summer, Shesanth interned at Amazon on the Twitch Prime team, allowing him to work on interesting engineering problems while also getting a first hand look into the games industry and the software and services built around games and gamers.

More than anything else, Shesanth loves talking about and discussing game design. When he’s not working or playing games, he’s reading about game dev successes and failures and is keen on sharing this wisdom with others.