Learn to Make Video Games

EECS 494 is the University of Michigan’s premiere game-development course.

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EECS 494 introduction to game development showcase





Students will learn to…

  • Implement small-to-medium sized video games using the industry-standard Unity3D Game Engine.
  • Design purposeful, engaging user experiences.
  • Practice non-engineering disciplines (art, music, psychology, writing, marketing) at a basic level.
  • Carry out user testing and the analysis of user feedback.
  • Pitch new game concepts / loglines in an concise, efficient way.
  • Work effectively and efficiently in teams of 2-4 using agile production methods.
  • Make non-game software more interactive, engaging, accessible, and aesthetically impressive.
  • Exhibit game projects to large crowds.
  • Explore the rapidly expanding games industry from various perspectives.

Q: Should I take EECS 494?

Yes, if…
  • The skills above strike you as valuable.
  • You’re ready for a formidable, time-consuming, yet immensely rewarding challenge.
  • You enjoy games, visualization, or interactive, engaging software in general.
  • You hope to gain employment in the video game industry.
No, if…
  • You’re taking EECS 482, 381, or otherwise have a high-intensity schedule (Spring 2016 Workload Survey: ~60% extremely heavy, compared to ~63% extremely heavy for 482).
  • Your schedule won’t allow you to be present at the vast majority of meetings for the full duration of lecture.
  • You’d like your final semester to be a little lighter.

Q: How might I prepare?

Q: Is there a book?

There is no book at the moment.

Q: May I request an override to take the course?

You may! Overrides are typically considered several weeks into the course if there is any remaining room. Please let us know by contacting us.

Q: I’m on the Waitlist. What are my chances?

EECS 494 typically experiences 8-12 drops per semester, allowing 8-12 undergraduate CSE students off the waitlist.

If you have any questions regarding the course, feel free to reach us via our Contact page.